Are you ready for exponential growth, success and everlasting change?

When we work with coaches and consultants, we not only create deep, lasting shifts with them, but what we do exceptionally well, is creating thriving coaching practices aligned with your values and greater mission islamically and professionally. And this personalised apprenticeship is just the program to do that.

For successful coaches we’ve created, The 101 Apprentice Program where we uplevel everything in their business. This isn’t like all those other coaching programs out there, we do complete and full immersion in all aspects of coaching.

For 13 months** we take absolutely everything to new heights, expanding your business, impact and contribution far beyond just wealth-creation.

The 101 Apprentice Program Is Completely Bespoke, Tailored For You To Get The Best Transformative Experience Possible. Here are the basic details - since it will be tailored specifically for you, we’ll work out more specifics as we go...

Coaching Accelerator Intensive In London: We will have a two-day Personal Intensive just for you – to launch your program in the most powerful way possible.

We’ll go through your mission, vision, values, your deepest dreams and impossible goals. We’ll help you reconnect spiritually, set your foundations, deepen your understanding and expand your possibilities.

Those two days will require full spiritual and mental immersion. See, coaching isn’t just about business, but about the reasons behind wanting your own thriving practice and wanting to make an impact in others lives.

After those two days, your whole perspective will never be the same.

Monthly Extensive Evaluation: Where relevant, a certain number of our sessions will be dedicated to supervision – we will review your writing, talks, and client sessions or even co-coach your clients with you as a part of our work together.

Deep Dive Coaching: We will schedule three 90-minute phone calls each month.

We’ll meet online at a pre-scheduled time to identify obstacles, discuss progress, and help keep your energy, passion, and vision alive.

The Weeks with no scheduled calls are your reflective coaching weeks. This is often the weeks when everything you’ve been working falls into place, and when most have their big insights. Coaching is life changing, and so getting into the habit of it being an integral part of your life is so important for your continued growth and success.

Access To All Other Programs And Events: During our time together, you’ll have access to every single program and events we run.

This includes our exclusive application only mastermind community where we have some of the best Muslim entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders. A community where everyone strives for success in deen and business.

Access To Library Of Resources: Your Apprenticeship will include access to relevant resources. All the audios in our personal library for coaches, as well as the 101 Apprentice Reading List.

Whilst this is a completely bespoke program and there are no set ”modules” we will share with you some of the very best books and videos designed to build your coaching skills and practice-building skills.

The coaching, training, reading, and assignments set for you will accelerate our time together and teach you wealth-creation and client-creation skills that reflect who YOU are, forevermore.

At the end of our first year together, you will automatically be enrolled in the Apprentice graduate program. This is only available to graduates of the 101 Apprentice program, this program is both a way of staying in touch and also becoming a part of an exclusive community of committed transformative change workers. As a bonus we’ll also include yearly get-togethers to really continue supporting your growth. There is no fee for this program, and it will be ongoing for as long as we do this work.

Your Investment

This is a 13-month Deep, Transformative Coaching Apprenticeship.
It is a £25K investment. Start times vary throughout the year, with an absolute maximum of four apprentices at any one time.

This opportunity is not for everyone. It is for the highly motivated individuals who are ready to invest more than just money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a life-long impact on you and every one of your clients.

Every 101 Apprentice will have to be a hundred percent in. If we agree to work with you, a no excuses mentality is a must.

Remember that this will stretch you and push you more than you ever thought possible.
This apprenticeship is intense, transformative, powerful and life-changing.

Your Next Step

Take some time to really think about what you would like to get from the program and how your life would be different as a result. If you feel you are ready to explore whether the 101 Apprentice is the right fit for you, your next step is to complete a confidential profile.

After we review your submission we’ll be in touch and will schedule an online meeting.
This gives us a chance to “meet” and perhaps more importantly, a chance to spend a bit of time with you and give you a quick “yes” or “no” assessment as to whether or not this is the right place for us to begin our work together.

I want to apply for the 101 Apprentice Program

**Note: There is no coaching during the period of Eid celebrations approximately a week for each, as well as the end of Ramadan – it’s important for coaches to model to their clients taking time for rest and family during the holidays.