Accelerated NLP+® Practitioner course - 7 Day Certification Practitioner Training / intensive course

Join The Muslim Coaching Academy for this exciting and empowering NLP+® training, using the proven accelerated format created by Dr Tad James the co-creator of Time line Therapy™. Yes, at the end of this course you will be Internationally Certified at Practitioner level in NLP+®

Who Is This Training Designed For?

The simple answer to that question is EVERYONE. Learning NLP+® and the associated techniques will allow you to be a flexible thinker and communicator who will always have options. Whether you are interested in your own personal development, improving your relationships, taking up a new career in coaching/therapy, wishing to improve your performance in the workplace or giving yourself the edge in business, this course will give you the tools and exceed your expectations.

NLP+® is so versatile that it can be used in a range of different settings such as Business, Management, Sales, Therapy, Coaching, Sports, Education, Personal Development, in fact, in any situation, NLP+® can give you the skills to succeed. The only qualifications that you need to attend this training are an open and enquiring mind with a passion to learn and grow.

The Course Consists Of Two Distinct Elements:


7 days live training which includes your assessment and certification

Bonus Element:

Ambreen, Siawash and Asiya will add to this by providing pre and post course coaching support online in order for you to achieve your goals and so that you have a fully integrated Personal Development Programme.

On enrolling with us you will be sent the email address of your personal coach so that they can assist you to establish your goals for the course. You will be sent NLP+ Practitioner Home Study Programme.

On attending the 7-day live training your trainers will build upon the pre-course study with fun and engaging sessions which will take you through to practical application of all subject areas. The training day will usually start at 9.00 AM and finish at approximately 6 PM.

The course content is structured from simple to complex and each subject builds on the previous one. Every technique is clearly demonstrated so that you are successful in practising them with the other course delegates using the support of your trainers.

You will also be encouraged to network with the other delegates and coach each other outside of the training day, if that is of interest to you. During the course you will be assessed for certification against the appropriate Associations standards contained in your training manual.

At the end of the course we will review your goals with you to ensure that they have been fully met, as your success is our success. We will then encourage you to set new and challenging goals to take your development further. Once you have set those goals we offer you post course coaching and support to assist you in achieving them. This also includes the offer of attending further Practitioner courses free of charge so that you can either assist us as a Coaching Assistant or refresh your skills, either way that will lead you to the next level.

What subjects will I learn for certification?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most functional, outcome oriented process for detecting, understanding and controlling our conscious and unconscious thinking. The subjects taught will show you how to use this for yourself and others, for personal use and as a coach.


  • Fundamental beliefs that allow you to begin to have choice in your life and be empowered.
  • Be able to Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviour.
  • The clearest and easiest model of how people learn, communicate, change, and develop themselves.
RAPPORT – How to generate attraction, agreement and influence

  • Learn how to be able to switch onto mutual understanding with anyone you choose.
  • Increase your range of reactions to body-language and understand its true meaning.
  • Learn how to use your voice tonality to build rapport even on the phone.
  • How to use unconscious body postures so that people unconsciously associate positively with you.
GOALS – How to set them and achieve them

  • Learn how to set goals for yourself and other.
  • Discover the 11 principles of well formed goals.
REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS – How we use the 5 senses to represent our world

  • Understand how our 5 senses are used to internally represent the information that we gain from the world.
  • Learn how to match Representational Systems to create rapport and agreement.
  • Learn how the movement of a person’s eyes reflect their real thoughts.
SUBMODALITIES – The programming software of your mind

  • Find out the internal encoding mechanism of your brain to take control of it.
  • Learn to create a sequence of directions to change your disempowering beliefs, feelings and habits.
  • Discover how to change unwanted emotional responses with the Swish Pattern.
LANGUAGE PATTERNS – The words used are important

  • Learn how the words we use are chosen unconsciously but they have a special meaning for each individual representing their intellect, personality and characteristics.
  • Learn how to use hypnotic language patterns to gain instant rapport and induce trance.
  • Discover the specific questions that will reveal precise information about any concealed subject.
  • Challenge and overcome people’s objections with sophistication.
  • Learn the Meta and Milton model for increased conversational choices.
ANCHORING – Always chose how to feel and behave

  • Learn how to be in charge of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it.
  • Access your internal personal resources whenever you want to create choice.
  • Get rid of procrastination and get motivation forever.
STRATEGIES – The sequence of how you do things

  • Discover the technique of how to identify the sequencing of various strategies and how to make the result successful each time.
  • Learn a person’s buying strategy just watching their eye movements so that you can use the right sales approach.
PARTS INTEGRATION – Create a harmonious inner self

  • How to stop indecision and internal conflict.
  • Have all your inner “parts” agree with each other to release energy.

  • Introduction to Coaching – How all ABNLP coaching standards meet or exceed world coaching standards.
  • Learn what is coaching and the uses for coaching.
  • Discover the difference between traditional therapy and coaching and Coaching using NLP+®.
  • Learn how Creating Your Future® techniques are used in coaching.
  • Learn the Coaching Cycle and how to apply it.
  • Learn the Coaching Excellence Model.
  • Use process frames for successful coaching.
  • Learn how to Reframe client’s beliefs to bring about change.
  • Learn effective tasking for your clients.
  • Understand when not to coach.
  • Learn how to set up a coaching practice.

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