The first, globally Muslim, application-only community for entrepreneurs and coaches

Are you ready to OWN the success you deserve and become an influencer and leader in your niche?

Are you ready to join a global network of like-minded people who strive not only for dunya but have core islamic principles?

In the number one Muslim community in the world, The Millionaire Muslim Mastermind, there is no such thing as impossible.

Your network REALLY is your net worth so why choose to surround yourself with mediocrity?

Have you noticed that highly successful people commit to excellence in their business and acquaintances and nearly always have a community?

Well, that’s why the MM Mastermind was created so YOU can have access to a family of high-achieving leaders, movers and shakers that will support you and help you grow.

Our members use their businesses and expertise to achieve exponential growth, influence and truly change the face of Muslim entrepreneurship and community support.

For us, having a community of influencers with Islamic principles and values, who want to impact their communities and ummah is one of the core reasons behind creating this thriving community.

That’s why it will always be application only.

When Allah blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living, rather raise your standard of giving.

The Millionaire Muslim community is all about propelling each other out of comfort zones, and cultivating an attitude of success – so you can become one of the few Muslim leaders who not only achieves and influences but makes a long lasting impact.

This isn’t just another community, this is truly a close-knit family and which is the reason why it’s an exclusive, application only, vetted membership. Once you’re accepted into the family though you’ll be given every opportunity, strategy, training and tools to become the best version of YOU. The cool thing about being so selective with our members is we’re a small group and this family will always be quality over quantity.

Why join us?

Millionaire Muslim Community is one of the few communities out there where taking action and getting results are classed as one of our main focus points. We want you to scale your business, thrive but also know that on those days where you have the ‘entrepreneurial blues’ you can fall back on this community without ever feeling like you’ll be judged.

Exclusive Members Training

You’ll have access to exclusive trainings with the ability to ask questions and access to two top coaches. You’ll also have access to our new segment launching at the end of the year where you’ll have more expert trainings from industry leaders as well as a members only area.

Accountability partners

Ever felt like that you could do with a nudge (or two)? As part of your membership you’ll be paired up with an accountability partner who will help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently and in a less stressful manner!

Weekly Mastermind & Coaching Call

Every week we have a LIVE Zoom call with Asiya & Siwash as well as others from the community. We discuss our book of the month takeaways (We told you growth was important to us) as well as giving you the opportunity to get feedback or help on anything you want. We’ve had our members create thriving communities of their own, get clients, come up with passive income ideas and so much more!

Spot on our LIVE weekly MM Show

This has been a game changer! Imagine being a part of the first collaborative online Muslim show - it’s literally like having your own virtual stage! This is the place where all our members have the opportunity to share their expertise, thoughts and insights on an array of topics. We do this on Facebook and will be having more platforms rolling out soon.

Access & Support in a private Facebook group & WhatsApp group (optional).

We love the idea of supporting our communities in many ways and so we have the private members facebook group as well as the optional WhatsApp group. Knowing you have access to a global community at your fingertips is a game changer!

Quarterly London meetup and training

Having the support, training, coaching calls and feedback is brilliant, but we love to also meet our members (well in the flesh)! Every quarter we spend a FULL DAY together in London and deliver exclusive training, then we head off to have a more intimate meetup and dinner to finish off the day! We’ve had our members come from across Europe, all over the UK and even the Middle East!
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Ambreen - Business and Mindset coach

I would say joining Millionaire Muslim Community has totally changed my life! I have received really good support, guidance both in personal life and business life. I’m now connected with likeminded people who really want me to grow, who sincerely wish me the best and gives me constructive feedback on what I can improve on to achieve my goals! The constant knowledge we share in the group is beyond valuable MashaAllah. To be productive, committed and consistent, these are the key words! I can’t recommend the Millionaire Muslim Mastermind enough, this is the place to be for anyone who wants to achieve their goals to come out on top – this community has changed my direction and It has been an awesome journey.

Hafsah - Confidence Coach and founder of The Confident Muslimah

As a Confidence coach for Muslim Women, I was very excited to join the Millionaire Muslim mastermind. Being part of this has definitely enhanced my coaching skills, knowledge and helped me develop very positive habits. Both Siawash and Asiya have cultivated an incredibly supportive environment where all members are genuinely invested in helping each other grow. I was privileged to participate in the first live meetup, which exceeded all expectations. The day was filled with training, activities and connecting with other like minded coaches. So far, I have felt very supported and have gained so much value. Credit to Siawash and Asiya for having such great vision, walking their talk and creating such a fantastic space for entrepreneurs and coaches to prosper. I would highly recommend others to join!

Saima - Success Coach

Being a part of the mastermind, everyone is supportive and is pleased at the success of each other, I know I have gained lifelong friends. Things are moving forward in the right direction and this is due to being a part of this mastermind. When people join there’s no choice but to move forward and it’s why I highly recommend others to join.